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ACME Single Facer

Quality corrugated sheets or rolls are made in the ACME SINGLE FACER which is designed to operate on all grade of paper.

Motorised loading reel stand is provided with double arm lifting and twin unwinding shafts for paper reels. Hand wheels are provided to upper corrugating rolls for adjustment of pressure at any selected setting. One side hand wheel with worm for the adjustment of the pressure roll.

ACME Single Facer With Two Profile

Modern single facers must be flexible enough to change flutes quickly to allow the plant to meet the customers needs without excessive downtime. The unique slide roll system, with corrugating rolls mounted on two sides of one frame, allows a complete roll changing in less than 30 minutes. flute change are fast, simple and safe. Once the roll carriage is in place there are no adjustment to be made and no fine tuning is required.

Since the rolls are removed and replaced automatically, the roll change is safe and easy even when the rolls are hot, the fullproof design of cartridge roll change can be routinely and safely accomplished, even by less experience crews.

The quick Flute Change capability allows the box plant greater flexibility in scheduling as well as the ability to offer the customer whatever flute profile is needed.

ACME Two Ply Combined Corrugating Machine

This heavy-duty Corrugation machine with four times capacity in production than the ordinary corrugation. The machine is provided with steam shower and three pre-heaters for liner paper as well as fluted paper. The first flute roll is provided with springs on both end to have the fine adjustment. The gum tray is provided with geared motor on the gum roll, which will continuously rotate the gum to keep the gum with proper viscosity. The gum tray is also provided with water flow to keep the gum cool. The Reel Stand is provided with self-loading arrangement with twin unwinding shafts and is capable of taking the reel of 48″ diameter. The machine is provided with overhead bridge with guide way, which will have the time of setting of single facer and will be going directly in rotary sheet cutter to cut into required size. This will be without damaging the flutes.

Hydraulic Shaftles Reel Stand

  • Working width: 2300mm
  • Paper Roller diameter: Ø1500mm
  • Min Clamp paper diameter: Ø350mm
  • The lift-down arm adopted with cast iron curve structure, slinky firm and steady.
  • Lift-down, clamp-loosen and left-right move are control by hydraulic.
  • Tension control: pneumatic brake, with air-pressure valve, pressure regulating valve and manometer to show details when running.
  • Whole machine adopts hydraulic control, easy to operate, low fault rate.