Single Facer

Single Facer which is an important unit of the Plant is sturdy in construction. Reel stands are provided with unwinding shafts for feeding of the plain paper to the single facer and double Baker unit. Brakes are provided to control web of the paper. Take up units provided on single facer, equipped with belts to carry single facer corrugated board on the overhead Bridge. Over head Bridge is mounted on the single facer and reel stand to store the corrugated board. Pre heaters are provided with the single facer and on the overhead Bridge.

Double Baker

Double Baker unit is provided with sixteen Hot Plates & Cooling unit. The Hot Plates are required to dry the glue coated on the corrugated board. The felts can be lifted from the surface of the hot plates, thereby increasing the life of the felt. Cooling unit is provided with rollers for pressing the board.

Duplex Cutoff

Duplex cutoff is used to cut the board in different sizes. The cut length of the board is controlled by P.I.V gear box to ensure accurate cutting. Conveyor belts are provided with cut off to take delivery of boards.