Auto Coating Machine for Jumbo Fast Card

Salient Features:
  1. The machine is design to give highest accuracy in coating.
  2. Double Reel stand for nonstop feeding.
  3. Double Stacker for nonstop production.
  4. High accuracy dynamic balancing cutter.
  5. Specially design conveyor for double stacker.
  6. Digital Counter.
  7. World class technology used for spray coating on Top & Bottom of paper.
  8. S.S. Tank for Chemical.
  9. S.S. Tank for DOK.
  10. Web aligner for movement of paper.
  11. Drying chamber immediately after spray system is design to remove the moisture instantly by way of similar to natural process without affecting Burst Factor paper.
  12. Blower for hot air.
  13. Glass chamber on 3 side to control the wastage & maintaining the coating percentage.
  14. Driving of machine by Timming belt which reduce the maintenance cost.
  15. Easy change over in size of fluting & fast.

Auto Fast Card Die Cutting Machine Spares

Features :
  • Sturdy, smooth Performance and economic machine.
  • Sheet punching in clear and accurate shape.
  • Special designed feeder for high speed and accurate feeding.
  • Simple easy operation of machine from either side
    as assisted by PLC control.
  • Safety designed to prevent operational accidents.
  • Ball clutch of main chain drive emergently stops the machine when an overload occurs due to machine or operator fault.
  • Excellent versatility (suitable for small quantities
    and mass production.
  • Self-diagnosis system with information system.
  • Controlled by PLC, for fault detection.
  • Double sheet detector.
  • Minimum maintenance and environment friendly.
  • Quick job changeover system.
  • Advance pile system.
  • Non-stop feeder-delivery.
  • Maximum Sheet Size: 905mm x 635mm (35.63 x
  • Minimum Sheet Size: 355mm x 305mm (14 x 12 inch)
  • Maximum Cutting Size: 895mm x 620mm (35.23 x
  • Paper Thickness: 0.1mm to 1.5mm
  • Maximum Cutting Pressure: 180 Ton
  • Gripper Margin Setting: 8-14mm
  • Maximum Cutting Speed: 5000 sheets / hour
  • Total Power: 7.5kw
  • L3.9mtr x W3.2mtr x H1.9mtr.
  • Total weight: 8 Ton Approx.

Batch Counting & Manual Filling Line for Jumbo Fast Card

Features :
  1. High Speed Batch Counting Machine.
  2. Specially high grade sensor & belt for best accuracy in counting.
  3. Easy in operation.
  4. Minimum setting time.
  5. Gripper & sensor design is such a way that no card’s get damage.
  6. Long conveyor for Inspection of Jumbo Card.
  7. Complete Control by PLC.
  8. Adjustable Conveyor Speed.

Pouch Filling & Sealing for Jumbo Fast Card

Features :

  1. The body structure is of Rust free material.
  2. Easy in operation.
  3. High grade sensor to keep check on production.
  4. Most sophisticated control panel with HMI.
  5. 60-70 Pouch / minute.
  6. Photo electric mark registration.
  7. Metal sensor to check the coil stand being put in the packing.
  8. Infeed extended conveyor
  9. Packing film roll stand.