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ACME Super Stitch’ Box Stitching Machine

The last and final operation before dispatch is of stitching. Box stitching machine is most useful in the box factory. The parts are standardized and are interchangeable. The machine is capable of continuous running at the high speed. Various models of stitching machines are available like Angular-Straight-Bottom etc. You can use flat wire 12 x 25 gauge in all the machines and round wire 21 gauge in straight machine by changing some parts. The design of the machine is universal and world famous. Very easy in operation and also for servicing & repairing. All the spares are always available all around the world.
Size Floor space H. P. Weight Kg. Speed stitch Per min.
20″ 35″ x 16″ 0.5 250 300
30″ 45″ x 16″ 0.5 275 300
36″ 52″ x 16″ 0.5 300 300
48″ 70″ x 16″ 0.5 350 300
Sizes 20″, 30″, 36″, 40″

Single / Two / Four Colour Flexo Printing Machine

Suitable for Water Base Ink with manual feeding system. SIZE: 50″ x 70″

Flat Bed Die Cutting Machine

Ideal to punch, Bigger size sheets, with good creasing and cutting, complete panel with Branded fittings, Nylon Sandwich Belts for long lasting, special polypropylene Sleeve roll to give high productivity. Easy to operate and accident free. SIZE: 50″ x 70″, 60” x 90”

ACME Single / Two / Four Colour Board Printer Creaser Slotter Machine

The machine is fully automatic kicker feeding, variable speed drive can be supplied with flexo printing unit. The machine’s body is on weels and can be slided easly for setting and cleaning. The speed is approx. 3500 sheets per hour. From single colour or can add on 2nd / 3rd colour too. The unit is provided with 4 sets of creaser, 1 set of trimming, 3 sets of slotting and 1 set of cutting dies.

ACME Combined Rotary Creasing, Slotting & Slitting Machine

The first process in box making is to crease and slit the corrugated sheets, once vertically and afterwards horizontally to the required length and width. The machine is heavy duty and sturdy, mounted on U channel platform properly levelled. The creasing dies and the cutters are in two halves and are easily adjustable as per required sizes. The machine is provided with two Nos. of gauges (left and right) on the feeding table to make use of both the ends. All the four shafts are fitted on ball bearings for smooth running. Up and down movement of the shafts are provided through Eccentric bushes. One steering wheel is provided to rotate by hand and check the proper adjustment. Oil cups are provided for proper lubrication; Safety guard is fitted to the side of V belts.
SizeCreasingSlitting (TrimmingSlottingCorner cuttingPowerMachine Weight
75”4 Set2 Sets3 Sets1 Set5 H.P3.5 Ton
85”4 Set2 Sets3 Sets1 Set5 H.P3.75 Ton
95”4 Set2 Sets3 Sets1 Set7.5 H.P4.0 Ton

ACME Platen Punching Machine

Salient Features
  • A range of machines particularly suitable for Die-cutting, Scoring & creasing work, on paper, card board, corrugated card board etc.
  • The platen drive transmission is oil immersed with a large oil reservoir for increased heat dissipation
  • Lubrication is positive. All parts of the press are pressure lubricated automatically with a hand pump mechanism
  • Frame & platen are of high tensile cast iron
  • Platen is driven from the anti-friction bearing mounted main shaft by two high-speed helical gears & by reduction helical gears
  • Back gear shaft, reduction gear shaft & connecting arms mounted in P-Bronge bushings
  • Connecting arms are of single piece & are of high tensile steel
  • Heavy-duty clutch & brake are synchronized for automatic stop whenever clutch is dis-engaged
  • Easily adjusted for automatic stop after each stroke or continuous operation
  • Double micrometer impression adjustment allows impression control. Each side of the platen can be adjusted independently of the other. however platen setting should be exactly the same
  • Compact design requires a minimum of floor space.
Technical Specification Electro Magnetic Clutch & Brake
Machine Size i.e. inside chase
Platen sizeFloor spacePower H.P.Speed strokes
19″ x 25″
49cms x 64cms
20″ x 26″
51cms x 66cms
52″ x 60″
133cms x 153cms
20″ x 30″
51cms x 79cms
21″ x 32″
54cms x 82cms
55″ x 60″
150cms x 153cms
25″ x 37″
63.5cms x 94cms
26″ x 38″
66cms x 96.5cms
60″ x 66″
153 cms x 168cms
30″ x 41″
76cms x 104cms
32″ x 43″
81.5cms x 109.5cms
70″ x 70″
180cms x 180cms
40″ x 50″
101.5cms x 127cms.
42″ x 52″
112.2cms x132cms
84″ x 84″
231cms x 231cms

ACME Semi Automatic Box Strapping Machine

Salient Features
  • 100% Indigenous components ensure easy availability of service parts.
  • Simple in Design – easy to maintain.
  • Instant heating system with tolerance +5% 0C prevents short circuit or damage to heater due to over oxidization.
  • 30 seconds warm up., quiet intermittent action control.
  • With start over device, can shoot troubles automatically and carry on the strapping cycle.
  • With excellent quality of timer, solenoid and other electrical components.

Technical Specification

MODEL AMC-011 AMC-022 AMC-007
Dimensions 900 mm(L) 900 mm(L) 900 mm(L)
570 mm(W) 570 mm (W) 570 mm(W)
750 mm(H) 750 mm(H) 400 mm(H)
Net Weight 105 kgs 95 kgs 85 kgs
Strapping Speed 12 Straps Per Minute (2.5 sec.)
Package Size Minimum 60 mm (W)
Maximum 1500 mm x 1500 mm x 1500 mm
Power supply 240 V 50 Hz
Driving Motor 250 W x 1 (1/4 H.P.)
Strap Width 6 – 9 – 12 – 15 mm