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ACME Book Binding Machine

Special Features

  • Single Clamp Perfect Binder with Automatic Jogging and Clamping of the Signatures / Formes.
  • Facility for Binding 2 identical books of size upto 1/8th Demy in a Single Binding Cycle.
  • Easy Job Change over – Clamping of different jobs are automatic; Sliding Type Milling Front Plate, Self-Adjusting Cover Nipping Plates.
  • Can handle a wide Range of jobs of thickness from 2 mm to 70 mm.
  • Milling Cutter with Notching Tools for exposing maximum fibre possible.
  • Grinding Wheel Attachment for Pad Making.
  • Separate, Powerful Suction Device for Milling Waste Extraction.
  • Excellent Control over Gluing with Roller and Scraper Mechanism.
  • Cover Nipping Station with Facility to control the nipping and cover breaking pressure; Facility to vary the duration of Nipping.
  • Safety Control Mechanisms – Book, Cover and Delivery Sensing.

Technical Specification

SizeLengthWidthHeightMotorSpeed ft. per minuteWeight App. Kgs.
60″ 150 cms98″ 245 cms30″ 75 cms42″ 105 cms1 h.p.200 600
75″ 180 cms108″ 270 cms30″ 75 cms42″ 105 cms1 h.p.200 750
85″ 210 cms120″ 300 cms30″ 75 cms42″ 105 cms1 h.p.200 900
96″ 240 cms132″ 330 cms30″ 75 cms42″ 105 cms1 h.p.2001200

ACME Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

Special Features

  • The Machine is sturdy in construction with the extra heavy duty for any kind of tough job.
  • Totally enclosed body.
  • The gears are of Special casting hard material for longer life of the machine.
  • The mechanism is designed to give more strength at the low consumption of power.
  • The Steering wheel of the pressure clamp is at low level and mounted with bearing in order to have free access in operation.
  • The machine is designed as per Japan type Drum system clutch and friction brake on both the sides.
  •  The friction brake of the Machine ensures the instant stop of the machine at any point of operation.
  • Side tables and Side gauge are provided.
  • The Plate is ground finished.
  • The back gauge slides in the rectangle groove at the centre of the plate and at the same there are two slots at the corner of the Plate in which the back gauge with the guide slides that ensures totally against any cross cutting.
  • Machine can be operated by power only.

Technical Specification

Size of the Machine
Total Cutting Length
32″ 800 mm.36″ 900 mm.42″ 1050 mm.
Floor Space5′ x 5′6′ x 6′7 ½’ x 7 ½’
Power Required2HP2HP3HP
Weight Gross1300 kgs. 1500 kgs.1700 kgs.
Appx. Nett.1100 kgs.1250 kgs.1400 kgs.

ACME Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

Special Features

  • Unique memory protect key-protects stored programs against operator changes (Programs 10-gg).All programs are protected by a ni-cad battery back-up in the event of a power failure.
  • Calculator keyboard allows normal calculations and storage of dimensions.
  • Correct side key to adjust program for lay changes or heet stretch.
  • Tabulation feature for automatic entry of repeat cut programs.
  • Copy channel for use in conjunction with memory protect key (see1)
  • Mode allows you to enter and use programs in Inch/Decimal, Inch/fractions or metric.
  • Micro-computer backguage lock corrects the position of the backguage should it be moved by accident or paper jogging.
  • Manual backgauge movement keys.
  • Large LED readout of program, position of backgauge and cut side.
  • Numerical keyboard for entry of programs.
  • Insert & delete keys for correcting programs.
  • Cut & store key which allows you to program automatically while cutting the first lift of stock.
  • Manual feature so the paper cutter can be operated manually (for single cuts) and then return automatically to the program position.
  • Program display shows all cuts stored within a program without moving backgauge.
  • Run – Activates the backgauge at the start of the program and automatically advances after each cut.

ACME Book Pressing Machine

This machine is useful for general purpose pressing work.

Two models are available :

  1. Two Pillers
    Size & Weight of Two Pillars.
    10″ x 15″ 40 Kgs.
    15″ x 20″ 80 Kgs.
    18″ x 24″ 110 Kgs.

  2. Four Pillers
    Size & Weight of Four Pillars.
    18″ x 24″ 200 Kgs.

ACME Punching & Round Cornering Machine

Salient Features

This machine is heavy in construction and is foot operated. It is very useful for book binding and file manufacturing. Round cornering for visiting, invitation cards & office files, etc. can be done on this machine. It is also useful for making ‘T’ punch for loose leaf.

The machine is provided with

  • Four hole punch for file.
  • Bodkin punch for book binding.
  • ‘T’ shape punch for loose leaf ledger.
  • Round corner punch for small visiting card, invitation card, playing cards, etc.
  • Round corner big punch for invitation card, file etc.