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Ancillary Machinery for Printing Press

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8 Ancillary Machinery for Printing Press


Ancillary Machinery for Printing Press


Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

ACME introduces fully computerized CNC controlled high speed guillotine

To have truly Precise cut plus consistent Repeatability

  • Unique memory protect key-protects stored programs against operator changes (Programs 10-gg).All programs are protected by a ni-cad battery back-up in the event of a power failure.

  • Calculator keyboard allows normal calculations and storage of dimensions.

  • Correct side key to adjust program for lay changes or sheet stretch.

  • Tabulation feature for automatic entry of repeat cut programs.

  • Copy channel for use in conjunction with memory protect key (see1)

  • Mode allows you to enter and use programs in Inch/Decimal, Inch/fractions or metric.

  • Micro-computer backguage lock corrects the position of the backguage should it be moved by accident or paper jogging.

  • Manual backgauge movement keys.

  • Large LED readout of program, position of backgauge and cut side.

  • Numerical keyboard for entry of programs.

  • Insert & delete keys for correcting programs.

  • Cut & store key which allows you to program automatically while cutting the first lift of stock.

  • Manual feature so the paper cutter can be operated manually (for single cuts) and then return automatically to the program position.

  • Program display shows all cuts stored within a program without moving backgauge.

  • Run - Activates the backgauge at the start of the program and automatically advances after each cut.


Platen Punching Machine

  • A range of machines particularly suitable for Die-cutting, Scoring & creasing work, on paper, card board, corrugated card board etc.

  • The platen drive transmission is oil immersed with a large oil reservoir for increased heat dissipation

  • Lubrication is positive .All parts of the press are pressure lubricated automatically with a hand pump mechanism

  • Frame & platen are of high tensile cast iron

  • Platen is driven from the anti-friction bearing mounted main shaft by two high-speed helical gears & by reduction helical gears

  • Back gear shaft, reduction gear shaft & connecting arms mounted in P-Bronge bushings

  • Connecting arms are of single piece & are of high tensile steel

  • Heavy-duty clutch & brake are synchronized for automatic stop whenever clutch is dis-engaged

  • Easily adjusted for automatic stop after each stroke or continuous operation

  • Double micrometer impression adjustment allows impression control. Each side of the platen can be adjusted independently of the other .however platen setting should be exactly the same

  • Compact design requires a minimum of floor space.

Technical Data & Information

Electro Magnetic Clutch & Brake

Machine Size i.e. inside chase measurement
Platen size
Floor space
Power H.P.
Speed strokes per min.
Weight Kgs.
19" x 25"
49cms x 64cms
20" x 26"
51cms x 66cms
52" x 60"
133cms x 153cms
3 28 2200
20" x 30"
51cms x 79cms
21" x 32"
54cms x 82cms.
55" x 60"
150cms x 153cms
3 28 2500
25" x 37"
63.5cms x 94cms
26" x 38"
66cmsx 96.5cms
60" x 66"
153 cms x 168cms
5 32 0
30" x 41"
76cms x 104cms
32" x 43"
70" x 70"
180cms x 180cms.
7.5 32 5000
40" x 50"
101.5cms x 127cms.
42" x 52"
84" x 84"
231cms x 231cms
10 32 6000


Automatic Folder Gluer

It is a folding cum Gluing machine for the manufacture of cartons in packaging of Pharmaceuticals products, Food Stuff, Detergents and many other products.

Highly versatile, dependable and capable of making large range of cartons, with tuck in type or automatic lock bottoms.


  • Ejector Unit with Electronic Counting Device

  • Left Hand Bottom Gluing Unit

  • Automatic, Bottom feed Friction Feeder with Electro-Magnetic clutch brake and variable Speed arrangements

  • Pre-Folding Section

  • Adjustable Fold-on Type Lock bottom Gluing unit

  • An electronic counter Totals and Batches



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